Digital Strategy Consultation


You’ve got a great business idea and you’re not sure how to get your product or service in front of the right people in the right places and not sure how you can reach them?

Whether you’re starting building new social channels or already have them established, I will be able to support your business in developing a digital strategy that is tailored to you.


You’ve been working hard on your business, you want your product or service to be seen by the right people in the right place but how do you know if you are reaching them?

Whether you’re starting your social channels from scratch or already have them established, I will support your business to develop the right strategy that works for you.

Are you hitting your head against the glass ceiling not knowing whether your digital strategy is working?

Are you jumping from paid ads, SEO, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Podcasts and LinkedIn not knowing whether you’re generating any results?

Are you burning your energy and creating more headaches for yourself by spreading yourself too thin across different platforms?

56% of people say they’re afraid they’ll miss out if they don’t stay on top of what’s happening on social media.

I do it because I love freeing people from overwhelm and stress so they are more relaxed and become more focused on doing what they love and what makes them happy.

I get it, not everyone grew up loving digital technology and social media.

The digital space has kept me occupied during my childhood and having been working in start-ups, SME’s and Corporate organisations for just over 10 years.

I have helped many businesses make a lot of money online, save time and automate a lot of systems so I have a lot of experience & knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work.

If you are still unsure about your digital business strategy. Stuck not knowing if you’re getting your product or service are being seen by the right people or want to ensure that you are reaching the right people.

Knowing that you want to put your energy and focus where it matters instead of jumping from one shiny object to another not knowing if you are going to get results.

Tired of smashing your head against the glass ceiling and want all the digital headache taken away and stop sweeping it under the carpet thinking it’s not going to matter.

Digital is here to stay and will play more of a crucial role much sooner than most businesses have anticipated.

What am I trying to achieve by helping people do this?

I want to support & partner up with individuals that want to inspire, influence and impact more people and be apart of that ripple.

I’m going to help you with your digital strategy in your business so that you are free to spend the time doing what you love instead.

  • Closing deals and generating sales to grow your business
  • Spending quality time with family
  • Be more present with your loved ones
  • Being more creative with your free headspace

What you’ll get during the call

  • A digital audit plan to understand where you currently are
  • A current performance benchmark review
  • A digital strategy plan that you can implement
  • Objective setting
  • Social Media Audit
  • Strategy for each Social channel
  • Content Plan
  • Strategy for implementation