Design Your Perfect Work Week Planner



This management structure is the external part that will play a huge role in helping you on managing energy, stress, productivity in your daily routine in order to keep creating your end results to avoid burning out.

Once you have learned the “perfect work week“, you can start designing your daily routine to fit the different activities into your day following the themes, how to use the times, what to focus on, questions and different types of work.

I’ve found that having “Themed” days, allows me to focus on that type of work on different projects that I have going on much easier to manage.

If I start “multi-tasking and jump around from admin, finance, web design, systems, video editing, coaching” then my energy gets dispersed far too quickly and that also harms my productivity. My brain also starts getting foggy and overwhelmed if I jump all over the place without a clear focus.

There are many different ways to plan your days, again that could be another training for another time.

BONUS: I have also included my routines inside the planner that you can use for reference.