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Jono supported me to unearth possibilities for myself and to encourage me to build the steps and confidence needed to achieve them. He is intuitive and creative.

He has helped me look outside traditional management ideas in my goals, to develop and be able to manage change in both work and lifestyle. I find his style of working very productive and is live talks engaging, he encourages me to look for innovative yet practical and effective ideas. He helped me work through my plans and how to make sure they happen.

He has been incredible at coaching me to build resilience and self esteem at times when I have ‘dared’ to take on challenging goals in my business venture. Without Jono I may well still be doing the previous 8-6 job wondering “what if”. So pick up the phone, open a new email, and let these guys break your limit too. 

Darren Webber, Director of Whoop Creative

Jono helped me design a digital marketing funnel for my business. Before our session I felt confused about how to get my value across so that people could see how I can be of help. I was struggling to organise the funnel & sales process or know what to put in, how much to say.

Jono walked me through the process and created a very simple flow diagram that has helped me to see exactly what I need to do and how it all fits together. That is so very helpful in picturing the process.

I am really grateful to Jono for all his help and to unscramble my brain to create a great, simple funnel for my potential clients to experience and love my services.

Thanks Jono!

Julie Hutchison, IMPACT & Leadership Coach

Jono took the time to understand what our company does, who are clients are, what our pricing structure is and how we are currently using social media before doing anything.

He offered suggestions on how to bring people to our website through various channels and once there, how to spark their interest into signing up for a trial period through some pretty easy changes. 

Jono was personable on the phone and was very accommodating to the time zone difference. He provided a great workflow that I am using to implement recommendations including email sequencing and lead magnets.

I would strongly recommend working with Jono to get you on track with digital marketing!

Sue Lemm, Project Manager

Jono is an absolute pleasure to work with on a project and we have worked together on a few now! He really knows his stuff, has oodles of helpful knowledge and experience which he is happy to share.

Always delivers what he promises and on time. Easy to communicate with and efficient, Jono put together the website for our business and takes care of the hosting.

He has done a great job and the site does everything we have ever needed it to, we are able to add content as and when we need to.

I would definitely recommend Jono’s services.

Gemma Gibbard